Sunday, February 24, 2008

Menu Planning Monday (on Sunday)

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Last week I scrapped a lot of my planning and made some new recipes. We had lots of rain and cold days Ham Soup was a huge hit. I baked my first loaf of yeast bread (also a hit) and this week I plan on trying some new recipes for bread! Fun!

We are still doing well with no-take out although Tuesday after my doctor's appointment we picked up take-out which wound up being a good choice because by the time we got home I was feeling awful and would not have done well having to cook and clean up. So one take-out meal for the month is a darn good record considering we used to eat out or get take-out 1-2 every weekend plus maybe 1x during the week.

The menu that might be followed...
Sunday - black bean & beef burritos, mexi-veggie soup

Monday - baked sweet chicken thighs, baked potatoes and either roasted or garlicky asparagus, coleslaw (DS1 loves coleslaw but we rarely have it since DS2 is allergic to dairy so I am going to tinker with a dairy free recipe - I will post it if it is a success) fresh french bread (Kitchen Aid recipe)

Tuesday - chili (from the freezer), corn bread (I am going to try this WFM recipe - I have yet to find a really good dairy free cornbread recipe which might be partly because I am always trying to reduce fat, add whole wheat flour or add flax seeds. This time I will make the recipe as is), salad

Wednesday - baked Mediterranean tilapia, steamed spinach, fried eggplant, rice pilaf

Thursday - veggie bean soup (from the freezer), fresh bread or biscuits

Friday - tortilla pizzas, salad or veggies for dipping

Saturday - maybe dinner at my parents'?

My baking & bulk cooking for the week:
2 lbs black beans (cooked, packaged and frozen today)
red sauce for pizza or pasta (cooked last night - already packaged and frozen)
french bread
whole wheat bread
oatmeal bars (cooked and tested - SO SO GOOD!)
granola bars
chicken stock


PlanningQueen said...

I am not a big fan of winter, but with our summer drawing to an end, I try to think of the positive - I cna start making soup again! Yous sound delicious.

Jennifer said...

OK if you say so, I will try the granola bars. I cannot find a good recipe anywhere!! I'll try this one soon.

Katie said...

Your menu sounds so delicious and creative!! Have a great week!


Cayce's crazy life said...

I'll be back to write down some of your recipes. Your menu looks wonderful! What a lucky family!