Sunday, February 24, 2008

Honey Whole Wheat Flax Bread

(adapted from a recipe posted in the kitchen forum on Diaper Swappers)

(Dairy Free) Honey Whole Wheat Flax Bread

1 1/4 cup warm (not hot or it kills your yeast)water
2 tbsp honey (other options given were - sugar,molasses,or maple syrup)
1 tbsp yeast
Mix sweetener in water,sprinkle yeast over.Let stand 10 minutes.Then stir in:
1 tsp salt
2 tbsp canola oil(be generous) (or margarine, butter or oil )
3 cups whole wheat flour (or any combination)
1/8 cup flax seed meal
1/8 cup wheat germ
(instead of flax/wheat germ or up to 1/4 cup 9 grain cereal,or ,or raisins and extra honey,or whatever may be added now)

With dough hook in place mix on 2 until well combined, scraping down sides occasionally. Continue to knead a bit more until the dough starts "climbing" up the hook.
Place in an oiled bowl, turn to cover with oil. Cover bowl and place in a warm draft free location (I put mine in the microwave because I was already baking something else - I would rather have put it in the turned off oven - having it in a stainless steel bowl in the microwave made me a nervous wreck since William thinks turning on the microwave is super funny :eek: )
Let rise 1 hour, covered.
Shape into a loaf shape, place in a greased loaf pan.
Let rise 45 mins-1 hour.
Bake at 350 degrees F for 45 mins-1 hour.
Loaf is done when it sounds hollow when tapped. (You can also place a pan of water in the oven with the loaf to make it rise higher. - I did not do that)
Makes 1 (1.5 L loaf pan) loaf

I think I should have added more flour and maybe kneaded it more. The honey taste/smell was really strong and sort of icked me out but my family LOVED it. I might try a different sweetener this week.

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