Sunday, February 17, 2008

Menu Planning Monday (on Sunday)


Still staying strong with no take out or restaurant meals in February! On Tuesday I am having an IUI so I need to plan ahead for lunch/dinner so DH can take care of it while I rest. I may concede to getting take out for lunch on the way home since we will not be home until after noon.

Sunday - baked sweet chicken (chicken thighs w/ a glaze of soy sauce, ketchup, garlic, ginger and a touch of brown sugar), baked potatoes, garlicky green beans (chocolate pudding for me and pumpkin custard for DH for dessert)
Monday - biscuit burgers, oven fries, coleslaw
Tuesday (mommy taking it easy after IUI) - chili from freezer, broccoli, multigrain chips
Wednesday - waffles, sausage, eggs w/ spinach (soak black beans)
Thursday - black bean dinner - smashed spiced blacks beans, spinach and fried potatoes topped with a fried egg
Friday - pork chops, mixed veggies, buttered whole wheat and flax noodles
Saturday - maybe dinner at my parents'

Baking -
muffins (last week we made oatmeal blueberry - maybe something with flax and pumpkin this week)
whole wheat beer bread
I am putting it on my list again - yeast bread. I am going to get brave enough to make a loaf of bread
more granola bars

Visit for more Monday menus!

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