Monday, January 21, 2008

Our 10 day forecast looks like this:

And I have caught my kids' cold. So I am on the prowl for warm, fuzzy comfort foods that are low in carbs and dairy free. A tall order. I can do some modifications to make things dairy free and I can always make a small separate version of a dish for DS2 who cannot have milk/cheese/sour cream/etc. I have been hankering for casseroles in particular. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Monday - cream of tomato soup, grilled cheese, carrot & celery sticks with dip
Tuesday - turkey & black bean chili (from freezer), salad, tortilla chips
Wednesday - turkey & spinach egg casserole(based on breakfast casserole recipe), salad
Thursday - beef stew
Friday - baked planko encrusted tilapia, baked sweet potatoes, steamed zucchini

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D said...

We are all sick here too. I went the easy route with meals this week- as little preparation on my part as possible. I haven't tried it yet but a good friend of mine posted a Chicken Paprikash recipe that looks creamy and rich and wonderful. Not sure how you would change it to non-dairy but you have experience doing that. You can check out her recipe at
Hope you feel better soon!

Sarah said...

We're making turkey chili this week too . . . looks like a great menu and I hope that you and your household start feeling better soon!