Saturday, December 15, 2007

Menu Plan 12/16 - 12/25

The next week and a half are gearing up to be nuts. I need to get a good plan in place so we are prepared.

S 12/16 - DH at work late

send leftover chili with DH - kids & I - ravioli, chicken & broccoli (bake sweet potatoes with chicken for another night)

M 12/17
beef & broccoli stir fry over brown rice

T 12/18 - Cookie party & dinner at friends'
(check to see what I need to bring for DH and DS2)

W 12/19
panko crusted tilapia, mashed sweet potatoes & spinach

Th 12/20
quiona pilaf
, baked blsl chicken thighs and salad w/ homemade blue cheese dressing

F 12/21
out to eat or take out

S 12/22
double recipe of coconut chicken soup,

S 12/23 - DH at work late
send leftovers with DH
kids & I - spoon bread, veggies & boca burgers

M 12/24 - Christmas Eve at my parents' - taking hummus, whole wheat bread, ice cream, diary-free ice crea and a sugar-free pumpkin pie

T 12/25 - Christmas Menu TBD - ideas - ciopinno
need to find a good hearty, low carb, dairy free breakfast that won't have me in the kitchen for hours, maybe a snack buffet for lunch (buffalo chicken dip & celery, hummus & veggies....

eggs & spinach
almond pancakes
egg in a hole
bran muffins

DH lunches:
chili from freezer
make a big pot of soup to freeze
low carb wraps

Kid lunches:
mac & no cheese
sweet potato hash

DH Snacks:
carrots & hummus
celery & peanut butter
crackers & cheese

Kid snacks:
veggies & dip

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