Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Carrie's Tilapia Indiana Style

TILAPIA Indiana Style

Take an egg and beat it up with 1T of milk or even non-dairy creamer. Dip filet in it and let excess egg run off. Take this filet then and dredge thru flour. Then take it and lay it out flat and sprinkle some garlic salt and a little fresh ground pepper. Squeeze some fresh lemon over it. Turn over and do same to other side. When finished filet will be sticky but take it again a dredge thru flour. Then, heat a little olive oil (not extra virgin) in a saute pan. Lay filet in the pan and lightly and slowly cook filet 'til golden on one side. Repeat on other side.

For this recipe I use frozen tilapia and cannot tell the difference.

Use lots of lemon. That is the secret.

** Super hit with the family.

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